Do you want to tap the full potential of photovoltaics in commercial business?

Flexible system solutions for production sites or offices:

  • SMA experts support your project from planning and design to commissioning
  • Flexible system solutions perfectly tailored to your project
  • Optimal dimensioning of the PV system for maximum module capacity
  • Low implementation risks
  • Minimal expense for dimensioning, transportation, logistics and installation

Do you want maximum yields and reliably plannable operating costs?

Greater independence from rising electricity prices: 

  • Reduce operating costs successfully and make planning easy
  • Efficient electricity supply – despite rising energy prices
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and maximize system performance
  • Comply with environmental regulations and reliably generate clean electricity
  • Excellent SMA Service and maintenance ensure that your project remains hassle-free for its entire lifecycle

  • The Sunny Tripower 20000TL/25000TL is the ideal inverter for larger systems in the commercial sector. It comes with the latest grid management functions and offers enormous design flexibility thanks to its multistring concept in combination with a wide input voltage range.

Recommended products

Sunny Tripower 20000TL/25000TL

The versatile specialist for large-scale commercial and industrial plants: The Sunny Tripower 20000TL/25000TL not only delivers extraordinarily high yields with an efficiency of 98.5%, but also offers enormous design flexibility and compatibility with many PV modules, thanks to its multi-string capabilities and wide input voltage range. Also new are its cutting-edge grid management functions, such as Integrated Plant Control.

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    The SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 has an output of 60 kVA, weighs only 75 kg and offers the highest power density in its class. With its IP65 enclosure, it is ideally suited to outdoor installations worldwide. DC and AC overvoltage protection is integrated as standard, offering additional safety. AC output is three-phase with 400/480 V, 50/60 Hz. 

  • Transformer Compact Station
    The Transformer Compact Station is the link between inverters and the transmission line.

  • SMA Inverter Manager
    The SMA Inverter Manager is the system’s central control, regulation and communication component and can control up to 42 SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 systems with an output of 2.5 MW. External communication takes place via Modbus SunSpec. It also offers an interface for external weather stations. 

  • SMA DC-Combiner
    The SMA DC Combiner is an external PV array junction box that allows for flexible system layout and reduced cable costs. It groups the PV strings together and offers enhanced safety thanks to integrated PV fuses.

  • Transfer Station
    The transfer station is the interface between the PV system and the utility grid. It features the energy meter and appropriate measuring units. 


The SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 is the best of two worlds. This innovative system with the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 as a central inverter component combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with the benefits of centralized inverter designs. Users benefit from a high degree of efficiency and flexible system design. Systems can be easily built and maintained in the most cost-efficient way. The result: Reduced system costs for the entire system.

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Project support

from Planning to Operation

PV projects are already in the right hands long before the implementation phase. We look at your projects as a whole and offer advice on all relevant matters. SMA experts provide support with planning and design, engineering and project management as well as installation and commissioning.

In over 20 years in the PV project business SMA experts have mastered every challenge to date. We get all our PV projects up and running successfully. Without exception.

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The upholstered furniture manufacturer himolla in Taufkirchen, Germany, produces sustainable electricity for its own production site since the end of 2013.
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