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Frequently Asked Questions

A quick answer to frequently asked questions related to SMA and our Reseller Digital River. 

What is a Warranty extension?

If you choose an SMA extended warranty, we provide prompt support at no cost even after the 5-year manufacturer's warranty expires. The extended warranty includes the following services:

  • SMA Replacement Device: The inverter is set up to receive all updates and is a perfect match for your PV system.
  • SMA Service Line: Our employees conduct an error analysis and initiate an inverter replacement, if required.

See more at: www.sma-uk.com/service/services-for-home-systems.html

How can I buy a Warranty Extension?

Visit www.sma-uk.com/service/services-for-home-systems.html. This page will lead you to the online shop for Extended Warranty.

What are the main steps?

We have two steps:

  • The first step is to enter data of your string inverter and the desired extension duration.
  • The second step is the purchase process. We forward you to our authorized reseller, Digital River.

Who is Digital River?

Digital River GmbH is the authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store.


Digital River GmbH
Scheidtweilerstrasse 4
50933 Köln
+49 (0) 221 310 880

See more at http://www.digitalriver.com/

What are the payment methods?

You can pay using Credit Card, Paypal or by Invoice.

What are the detailed steps?

  • Choose the Option “Active” or “Comfort”. (*Please note that our services and their scope can vary in different countries). Then enter your string inverter model and its serial number. Next we need the date the device was installed. After that select the desired extension period of warranty (e.g. from 5 to 20 years).
    The price of this selected warranty will be presented.
    (If you have more than one inverter you want to extend warranty for, you may add devices).
  • After that we will lead you to an external webpage of “Digital River”. Digital River is the authorized reseller for our warranty extensions and will process the next steps.
  • Digital River conducts the purchase, including payment, and will be your partner in this step of the process.
  • Digital River will show the Warranty extensions you’ve chosen and the end prices again. Next you can enter your address and your payment method.
  • Lastly, Digital River presents a summary of your purchase. You can correct your data here if necessary. Please accept the general terms and conditions. They can be found at the bottom of the Digital River page.
  • Once accepted, the purchase is processed. You will get information on screen with a link to download your invoice. In parallel you will get an email containing a warranty code.

What is a warranty code?

A warranty code is a receipt for your purchase of a warranty extension. SMA will store this code with the data of your string inverter.

Where can I find the serial number of my device?

The serial number and the device type are printed on a label that is stuck directly on to your string inverter.

Cancellation Rights

To exercise your right to cancel please email at cancellation_eu@digitalriver.com, you may also use the Cancellation Form

See more at: https://store.digitalriver.com/store/defaults/en_GB/DisplayDRTermsAndConditionsPage/env.design

What can I do if I get an error message while entering purchase date?

Please email our service line at Service@SMA-UK.com, with a print screen of your error code if possible.

What can I do if I get an error message while entering serial number?

Please email our service line at Service@SMA-UK.com, with a print screen of your error code if possible.



A quick answer to frequently asked questions related to solar installations and SMA products. 

Which inverters are compliant with the new G83/2 certificate?

The current inverters in our portfolio which are applicable to the G83/2 regulation will receive the new certification via a firmware update.

Specifically the following inverters are compliant with the new G83/2 certificate:

  • Sunny Boy 1300/1600/2100TL
  • Sunny Boy xx00HF-30
  • Sunny Boy xx00TLST-21
  • Sunny Boy xx00TL-21
  • Sunny Tripower x000TL-20
  • Sunny Tripower x000TL-10

All discontinued products (e.g. Sunny Boy 1200) will not have a valid firmware update available.

Are Sunny Boys and Sunny Tripower inverters noisy?

All Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters fulfill all the regulations and specifications applying to them and are below permissible thresholds.

Unfortunately the conversion of Direct Current into Alternating Current cannot take place completely silently. Therefore SMA does not recommend installation directly in the living area.

In periods when the inverter does not feed energy into public grid (if the solar irradiation is not sufficient or at night) it switches off, in this state no noise is produced.

Can I install an SMA inverter in a loft space?

Temperatures in loft spaces can be high in summer months, things to consider:

  • The ambient temperature should be below 40 °C to ensure optimal operation. (Inverter will reduce power to protect components from overheating) (derating)
  • Observe the minimum clearances to walls, other inverters, or objects as shown in the Manual in order to ensure sufficient heat dissipation.
  • If necessary, increase the clearance spaces and make sure there is enough ventilation to ensure sufficient cooling of the inverters.

Does SMA have inverters with dual MPP trackers?

The Sunny Boy 3000/3600/4000/5000TL-21, the Sunny Tripower 5000/6000/7000/8000/9000TL-20 and the Sunny Tripower 10000/12000/15000/17000TL-10 all have two independent MPP trackers.

What is the overvoltage protection in SMA inverters?

Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters come with an overvoltage protection category III (according to IEC 60664-1). For a higher protection the standard Sunny Tripowerxx000TL-10 inverters can be retrofitted with a DC surge arrested type 2.

Can I use a Sunny Island backup system if I have a grid without a neutral conductor?

Sometimes. The distribution grid operator must be asked whether the transformer the customer is connected to has an earthed neutral point. If that is the case, a Sunny Island system can be installed.

Can I use a Sunny Island backup system if I don’t have a PV system?

Yes, the Sunny Island will charge the battery via the mains so that you will also have a backup system even if the power is interrupted or there is a mains supply failure.

What if my system is working in backup mode, my batteries are fully charged and the sun is still shining on my solar panels?

The Sunny Island inverter will use the sensed frequency of the AC waveform to adjust the output power of the SMA inverter (‘Frequency-Shift Power Control’, in SMA terminology) so that no surplus of power ends up entering the system. Once I start using more energy on the consumer side, the output power of the SMA inverter will automatically increase again.

I have a photovoltaic power system, but the inverter wasn’t made by SMA. Can I use an SMA Sunny Island backup system?

Yes, the SMA Sunny Island can be used in all solar inverters, especially if they are equipped with a frequency-regulated power output solution (‘Frequency-Shift Power Control’ in SMA terminology). The Sunny Island backup system can also be used in inverters that do not have Frequency-Shift Power Control (a frequency-regulated power output function). The Sunny Island inverter will immediately switch off the PV inverter to prevent any surplus in power from damaging the system.

My consumption is very low. Can I still use an SMA Sunny Island backup system?

Yes, the Sunny Island 3.0M-11 and Sunny Island 4.4M-11 were added to our product portfolio in November 2014.

Is it mandatory to install a grid disconnect box?

For reasons of safety and standards is it mandatory to install a grid disconnect box if you wish to use the Sunny Island in backup mode. This applies in all countries and for every system size. Without a grid disconnect box the Sunny Island will not receive the necessary feedback and therefore not start in back up mode.

Can the Sunny Island backup system be used as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

No, it is a backup system. In the event of grid failure, the Sunny Island inverter will switch off (as will the PV inverter, if present). The Sunny Island will transmit the signal to the disconnection board to disconnect the complete installation from the public electricity grid. Disconnecting from the network will take about 5 seconds. From that moment on, the Sunny Island will itself create a 230 V 50 Hz network in house. When the Sunny Island notices that electricity is being supplied once again by the electricity company, it will synchronise with it and switch back over to the public grid automatically and without interruption.

Can my Sunny Tripower three-phase PV inverter work in backup mode?

A Sunny Island inverter is a single-phase device. It is unable to create three phases, meaning the Sunny Tripower will not work during backup.

Is there a difference between three-phase connection and single-phase connection?

One Sunny Island battery inverter can only create a single phase, which can possibly be split in the grid disconnect box to be built. This will allow all connected single-phase consumers to receive power during the backup period. To also provide three-phase consumers with energy, three Sunny Island inverters will have to be installed. These will supply energy in accordance with the necessary phase shifts of a three-phase connection.

How much time can I bridge with a Sunny Island backup system?

The Sunny Island battery inverter will determine the amount of power that can be simultaneously withdrawn from the batteries, or in other words, the number of devices you can simultaneously power. The bridging time is determined by the usable capacity of the batteries. The larger the battery bank, the longer you will be able to work in backup mode.

What type of batteries can I connect to the Sunny Island inverter?

The planning guide lists the requirements for lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. If you wish to use different batteries, you can ask the battery manufacturer or SMA if they are compatible.

Can I purchase the Sunny Island inverter directly from SMA?

No, SMA only sells through its distribution partners. They can also provide you with the batteries and the necessary material for the grid disconnect box.

Batteries are sensitive components. How do I know that everything is set up correctly?

SMA Service can help you with commissioning. You can hire a technician for the commissioning of your system.