Stylish Visualization for the Home

With Sunny View, you have an overview of all of your plant data – even live and in color: Plant operators can use the large, easy-to-read five-inch color touchscreen to display all key PV data at home, as well as to receive news and meteorological data.

Kommunikativ durch individuell konfigurierbare Slideshow


through freely configurable slideshow

Change is the constant: By request, Sunny View displays all relevant information in a freely configurable slideshow. Besides installation power values, current meteorological data or information on CO2 avoidance are displayed.

Overview of functions and page examples

Anwenderfreundlich durch intuitive Bedienung


through intuitive operation

A touching overview: Operation is intuitive via the large easy-to-read five-inch color touchscreen. That means that both slideshow configuration and retrieving desired data is possible with just a few clicks. The self-explanatory navigation and clear presentation leave no questions unanswered.

Sicher durch vollautomatische Überwachung


through fully automatic monitoring

Sunny View does not just look good, it's also sitting pretty when security is required. It can communicate via Bluetooth with up to 12 inverters and can send a visual and acoustic warning signal in the event of a failure. Furthermore, data archiving and backup take place via microSD card.

Version 1.05.14.R (July 2016)

Performance features:

  • Corrected display of the weather
  • Support of new devices

Version 1.05.11.R (April 2015)

Performance features:

  • The display did not always switch on / off at the set times. This behavior has been corrected.
  • Correction of slideshow. The slideshow did not start with less than three slides.
  • Display of correct serial number.
  • With firmware 1.05.11.R, further optimization and stabilization measures have been implemented.

Version 1.05.5.R (December 2014)

Please note:
From this firmware version, Sunny View does no longer support the following services:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

By updating Sunny View, you agree with the discontinuation of these functions.
Downgrading to an older version is not possible for Sunny View. Thus, discontinuation of these two functions is permanent after performing the firmware update.

Performance features:

  • Support of new devices
  • General optimization and error elimination measures
  • Corrected display of available WLANs
  • Improved stability of the Bluetooth connection
  • In connection with the SMA CT Meter (Japan), the values for purchased electricity and grid feed-in as well as the energy chart display have been corrected. Moreover, there has been a correction concerning the observance of the current-flow direction at the current clamps.

Version 1.04.8.R (March 2014)

Performance Features:

General optimization and error elimination measures:

  • Support of new SMA devices
  • Corrected display of the weather
  • Correction of the RSS Feed function

Version 1.04.7.R (September 2013)

Performance Features:

General optimization and error elimination measures - amongst others:

  • In the diagram of the current nominal plant power, high data peaks were incorrectly displayed when an inverter model that switched off completely overnight was connected with the Sunny View. This behavior has been corrected.
  • The display of the energy charts in connection with the SMA CT Meter (Japan) has been corrected.
  • Correction of the slide "Kilometers driven" in which the milestones were not displayed.
  • Integration of the latest API for displaying the data from the social network.

Version 1.03.3.R (June 2013)

Performance Features:

General optimization and elimination of errors: the firmware 1.03.3.R optimizes and stabilizes existing functions.

Version 1.02.10.R (June 2013)

Performance Features:

  • Sunny View Firmware version 1.02 comprises some bug fixes and many optimizations for better usability and faster visualization

Version 1.01.21.R (November 2012)

Performance Features:

  • Weather forecast – Change of weather provider and improvements in choosing the location