Rapale PV power plant

Rapale PV power plant


Flexible system design with SUNNY MINI CENTRAL 9000TL

Rapale PV power plant (encompassing 77,000 sqm.) is located in the area around the town of Rapale near Lake Padule on Corsica. To protect the natural environment, solar modules only cover half the field, with the remainder used for farming purposes.

As each project is unique, SMA provided the Rapale PV power plant with a customized solution: Sunny Mini Central 9000TL-RP inverters were tailored to the project’s specific technical characteristics. The result was a customized product designed to fully optimize production. To relieve site-related constraints, the project was conducted entirely using string inverters, proving that SMA always comes up with the right solution!


  • August 2010

Nominal power

  • 7.7 MWp


  • 100,000 modules from First Solar


  • 900 Sunny Mini Central 9000TL-RP