Vacation Resort Buckley´s Bush Retreat

The island manager SUNNY ISLAND 5048

Broome, a popular holiday destination, is located in the northwest of Australia. With daily temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius, an air humidity of over 60 percent and a very salty air, this region bears a challenge for most electronic devices – but not for the Sunny Island 5048. In "Buckley's Bush Retreat", a small tourist region in the North of Broome, the off-grid system supplies besides a family home also three comfortably furnished cottages which are equipped with air conditioning, TV, kitchen, fridge and lighting. The excessive energy can be used to pump water from a source into a water supply tower. The weather conditions in Broome allow a pure energy supply with photovoltaic at a solar irradiation of 1,880 kWh/kWp so that the diesel generator can be omitted in most cases. The advantages of Sunny Island supply are persuasive: the system operates so well that more and more Australians plan to have their energy supplied with SMA technology.

Broome, Western Australia


Nominal power
140 kWp 

Sunny Island 5048
Sunny Mini Central 6000A

approx. 16 tonnes 

Planning and realization
Solar Sales, Perth Walli’s Electrical, Broome

Plant size

  • 5 kW nominal power stand-alone inverter
  • 6 kWp installed PV power
  • 1,280 Ah/48 V (C10) battery
  • 10 kW diesel generator


  • Broome, Western Australia
  • Operator: Buckley's Bush Retreat
  • Planning and realization: Solar Sales, Perth Walli’s Electrical, Broome
  • Commissioning: 2007

Annual yield

  • approx. 11,300 kWh (1,880 kWh/kWp)
  • approx. 16 tons reduction in CO2


  • Sunny Island 5048
  • Sunny Mini Central 6000A


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