New SMA Utility Power System

At Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich the SMA Utility Power System has been presented to the public for the first time.

The integrated, compact DC-to-AC system solution for utility-scale PV power plants with a Sunny Central inverter at its core is available as IEC and as ANSI version and therefore suited for worldwide deployment. Find out more about technical details and performance range of the new 2,5 MW Power Block in this video.

Optimized DC-to-AC solution for utility-scale PV


SMA Utility Power System:
Designed to optimize your PV projects

With the perfectly synchronized components such as the new Sunny Central inverter, medium-voltage block, DC technology, corresponding park control and services, the SMA Utility Power System expands the features of PV power plants.

It is designed for outdoor use globally and enables grid stability and ancillary services also for weak grids in all regions of the world. At the same time the SMA Utility Power System enables highest yields and low operational costs for the whole long lifecycle of the PV power plant.



Profit from:

New Sunny Central inverter with

  • Power classes: 2,200 kVA for 1000Vdc and 2,475 kVA for 1500Vdc
  • Over-dimensioning up to 150% DC/AC
  • Area for customer installation equipment and integrated power supply for customer loads
  • Seamless curtailment down to open-circuit-voltage

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SUNNY CENTRAL 2200 / 2500

Medium Voltage Block

Rely on:

New Medium Voltage Block

  • Outdoor transformer with highly effective, thermal design
  • Life expectance at least 25 years
  • Suitable for all medium voltage grids from 6,6 to 35 kV
  • Designed for installation up to 3000 meters above sea level

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Stabilize the grids:

SMA Power Plant Controller

  • Fast and direct implementation of control commands
  • Ensures compliant feed-in
  • Flexible adaptation to communication protocols

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SMA Power Plant Controller

Secure operation:

  • SMA Flexible Service Solutions
  • The well proven and modular extensible Sunny Central Service concept covers the complete SMA Utility Power System

Service for the SMA Utility Power System

Ready for future grid stabilization

Great demands are being placed on PV systems to behave like conventional power plants. This makes grid stability and ancillary services crucial, especially in many regions of the world where the power grid infrastructure is not well developed.

The new SMA DC to AC system solution will enable PV power plants to fulfill worldwide grid regulations by providing all ancillary services including full “Q on demand” (24/7) reactive power capability. Worldwide, PV power plants will become adaptable to grid requirements and eliminate or minimize expensive power grid extension, especially in remote regions of the world and regions with underdeveloped infrastructure.

Ready for future grid stabilization

Ready for harsh environments

PV power plants are built across the globe, including areas of high altitude, extreme temperature, proximity to the sea, and desert areas impacted by sand and dust. SMA inverters and system solutions are designed to deliver the highest outputs anywhere. The intelligent air cooling system OptiCool enables maximum efficiency even at the highest temperatures. Dust and sand particles cannot affect the inside of the inverter thanks to a sophisticated, precision cooling system.

The next generation of SMA system solutions is deployable in all large-scale PV applications under all environmental conditions. SMA regularly subjects its inverters and system components to demanding tests in order to exclude all possible risks right from the start. The results have proven that SMA products can exceed expectations in even the most demanding applications.