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Single-Family Home | Solar System - Smart

Case Study:
Solar System - Smart

Simon Butterweck

Simon (37) declares independence

- with his SMA Smart Home.

Simon’s family generates their own solar power using the SMA Smart Home system. The family has become largely independent from rising electricity costs by using the system intelligently. 

The Objective

A sustainable energy supply with more power produced than consumed

Even before building their Smart Home, Simon and Mandy were excited about the idea of generating their own power.

“This is something we were sure of for a long time. If we were going to build our own house, we wanted an innovative and sustainable home that generates electricity and saves energy. And it quickly became clear that we would need an intelligent energy management system with the SMA Smart Home.”

The following features were important for Simon and his family:

  • Gaining a high level of independence with a minimal footprint
  • Keeping electricity purchased from the grid considerably less than 14119 kWh
  • Building a “PLUS Energy home,” one that produces more energy than it consumes
  • Without sacrificing comfort or convenience
  • Using system technology from an experienced supplier - SMA


A solar energy system with all the bells and whistles

It all came together quickly after they selected the installer and received the bid. The PV system was installed on the roof and they were able to start producing their own clean energy within just two days.

Incidentally, the panels were installed on the roof facing east and west “in order to get high generator output from early morning until late in the day,” Simon emphasized. The roof was fitted almost completely with monocrystalline modules with 195 Wp each. “And by installing the Sunny Home Manager, Sunny Island and a lithium-ion battery, the system is also smart,” this proud owner explained with a smile. 

The following components were installed in Simon’s house:

  • 69 x 195 W monocrystalline modules with a total of output of 13,455 kWp
  • Sunny Tripower 12000
  • Sunny Island 6.0H + Sunny Remote Control
  • SMA Energy Meter
  • Sunny Home Manager
  • Various SMA radio-controlled sockets
  • AKASOL NEEOQUBE lithium-Ion battery 5.5 kWh (5 kWh usable)

The Advantages

Greater independence, making energy management part of everyday living

Simon’s family did not have to make any changes to their daily routines when they moved into their house. Because intelligent energy management with the SMA Smart Home operates completely automatically without sacrificing comfort or convenience. “It’s basically very easy,” explained Simon.

“I tell the Sunny Home Manager by what time I want the laundry to be done and the dishes washed. And the Energy Manager knows, through local weather reports, when the PV system produces enough power to operate the washing machine and the dishwasher—and switches them on automatically from the radio-controlled socket.”

For Simon real benefits include:

  • Sunny Home Manager that automatically manages household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers
  • Complete consumption of the overall PV output (70% rule) by heating up tap water or heating water and storage in the battery
  • Conscientiously managing energy
  • Energy flow in the house is highly transparent for the homeowner thanks to live display
  • Installation of Sunny Island and battery in order to reliably compensate for power used by large home appliances
  • About 5 kWh of usable battery capacity are completely sufficient to power this home up to > 90% self-sufficiently from March to October
  • Prevents about 8 tons of CO2 emissions annually
Their Set-Up

The storage solution: Tried-and-trusted components for a customized PV system

Simon’s solar power system was configured using several system components that are part of the SMA Flexible Storage System, which includes the Sunny Home Manager and Sunny Island battery inverter. 

Overview of PV system components:

  • Sunny Tripower 12000TL
  • Sunny Island 6.0H
  • Sunny Home Manager
  • Sunny Portal/Sunny Places

Sunny Tripower 12000TL

The specialist for home systems with complex configurations: Our ultramodern three-phase inverter meets the highest technological requirements and comes in different power classes up to 17 kW.

See details here

Sunny Island 6.0H

The battery inverter can be retrofitted and is responsible for storing excess power. As part of the SMA Flexible Storage Systems, the Sunny Island offers the best features for achieving a high self-consumption rate. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, it can be combined with any generator size and almost all battery types.

See details here

Sunny Home Manager with Sunny Places

The Energy Manager is the brain behind the brawn of the SMA Smart Home. Integrated access to Sunny Places not only gives you an overview of your PV system’s energy data, it also lets you compare your system’s performance with that of other systems.

See details here
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