Solar Solutions For Your Farm

With agricultural and farming communities facing increasing electricity costs year on year, there is huge pressure to maintain profitability. Growing your farming business is a challenge in today’s competitive market, but did you know that adopting solar could help you cover costs, and even generate additional income?

Adding solar photovoltaics (PV) to an existing farm building is a simple way to generate electricity, and make the rooftop work for you. SMA can help to power your entire facility by utilising the very roof you work under, and can generate an additional income stream. A PV system can be retrofit to an existing building, or, if you are building a new barn it is worth investing in photovoltaics as part of the project. Alternatively, if you have some unproductive land you could consider installing a ground-mounted system to make that land work for you.

You can either use this newly generated electricity on your farm, or feed it back to the grid to generate additional revenue for your business. SMA has a range of solutions, depending on your particular circumstances. Whether self-funding or looking to licence your roof on finance or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), SMA qualified partners can help you choose the best finance option for your business needs.



  • Invest safely and easily
  • Generate additional income for 20 years
  • Become energy independent
  • Free up funds to reinvest in your business
  • Enhance your socially responsible credentials
  • Clean and green – do your part for the environment

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