This seminar explores the business rationale for an enterprise to deploy behind-the-meter storage in order to control their energy costs and to facilitate expansion of their business in the case of network capacity constraints. Consideration is given to the ability to generate and store energy in order to minimise energy costs and the ability to stack revenues to leverage a battery storage asset. The best of breed battery storage technology is presented together with a forward looking vision and full system solution whereby an enterprise can cost effectively generate, store and control their own energy to manage  their future energy costs.  

Seminar overview

  • Overview of the global storage market summarising trends and opportunities.
  • External consultancy based overview of the opportunity and business case for Behind-the-Meter Storage.
  • How to realise the revenue stack, presentation and panel discussion from leading aggregators.
  • Presentation of best of breed technology solution including latest developments in PCS and battery technology. 
  • Consideration of future developments including the emergence of Blockchain technology facilitating micro payments for energy.
  • How to Generate, Storage and Control energy to reduce the levelised cost of energy for an enterprise.

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9:00        Coffee & Breakfast
9:30        Welcome & Introduction 
9:45        Discharge from Batteries as a Tradable Commodity 
               Key Speaker:  Lord Rupert Redesdale - CEO - Energy Managers Association
10:15      The Future of the Commercial Energy Market
10:45      The SMA Vision
11:00      Coffee Break with Exhibitions and Information Stands
11:15      Commercial Business Case                (Everoze Partners Limited)
11:45      The Role of an Aggregator - Panel Discussion(Kiwi Power, Limejump, Origmai & Flexitricity)
12:45      Lunch Buffet with Exhibitions and Information Stands 
1:45        Generating Energy - SMA Commercial Product Portfolio 
2:15        Store Energy - SMA Commercial Storage Product Porfolio
2:45        Coffee Break with Exhibitions and Information Stands
3:00        Batteries Solutions from Tesvolt and BYD
4:00        Control Energy – The SMA Platform Solution ennexOS
4:30        Wrap Up

Key speakers

Volker Wachenfield – SMA Solar Technology AG – EVP Off-Grid & Storage

Lord Rupert Redesdale – CEO – Energy Managers Association

Dr.-Ing. Enrique Garralaga - SMA Solar Technology AG – Head of Project Development

Alvaro Garcia - Managing Director - Storing Renewable Energy Ltd (Official UK partner of BYD)

Felicity Jones - Everoze Partners Limited - Partner

Christian Went – Tesvolt GmbH -  International Account Manager

James Stoney -  Kiwi Power - Senior Project Developer

Cameron Welsh – Business Development - Flexitricity

Alicja Kowalewska-Montfort – Lead Storage Engineer – Origami Energy 

Joe McDonald – VP of Sales - Limejump

Grid Connected Storage, 18th April, Milton Keynes

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