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Why choose SMA UK for your photovoltaic systems projects?

Choose safety - SMA Solar UK

Choose safety

SMA guarantees unbeatable quality ensuring maximum lifetime and minimal failure of the systems and solutions.

Leading global specialist with local expertise - SMA Solar UK

Leading global specialist with local expertise

With 40 years of experience and a worldwide installed power of 100 gigawatts, SMA is setting the standards today for the renewable energy supply of tomorrow.

Assured 360° support for the installer - SMA Solar UK

Assured 360° support for the installer

Rely on the complete range of services offered by SMA and benefit from optimal performance and maximum yields.

Sustainable energy - SMA Solar UK

Sustainable energy

Right from the start, with a focus on clean future. With environmentally friendly production, through a fair and honest business policy, in day-to-day working life and beyond.

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Brexit Frequently Asked Questions

SMA has long been established in the United Kingdom and is committed to continue bringing its best support to its customers and partners. 
Though there will be some adjustments with BREXIT, SMA expects that the vast majority of its operations will remain unchanged.

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Sunny Tripower CORE2

The new Sunny Tripower CORE 2

More options. More integration. More performance.

Experience greater flexibility to system design from now on. With a power output of 110 kilowatts, it is ideally suited to decentralized systems with different module configurations up to the megawatt range, whether ground-mounted or on a roof. That’s the case even shading. Discover the new possibilities.

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Shadefix : The next level of PV performance optimization

Shadefix : The next level of PV performance optimization

PV Systems are generally installed in scenarios where they can convert the largest amount of sunlight into electric current. However, it is not always possible to prevent dormer windows, chimneys, trees and other obstructions from casting shadows on PV modules. This reduces energy yield and lengthens a system owner’s payback period.

This is why SMA has developed a superior optimization technique – SMA ShadeFix. And the best thing about this solution is that SMA ShadeFix optimization is integrated into SMA inverters at no extra cost.

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