Refuel with Solar Power

Your home charging station: driven by the sun

With well over half a million plug-in vehicles (pure electric and plug-in hybrids) on the roads in the UK, we’re certainly embracing the e-mobility revolution.  Sales are booming and with the UK Government’s decision to accelerate the ban on sales of diesel and petrol powered cars and vans, bringing this forward to 2030 will only fuel this trend.  Part of the Government’s green initiatives is a grant of up to £350 (incl VAT) towards the purchase and installation of a home Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point.

E-mobility + PV system = perfect solution for CO2 free mobility

Are you an owner of an electric vehicle considering widening your green energy contribution by harnessing solar energy with the addition of solar panels on your home? 
Or are you already enjoying the fruits of generating and consuming your own solar power at home and want to extend that by switching to an electric vehicle? 

When charging your electric car at home, it makes environmental and economic sense to optimise the process to prioritise self-generated solar energy rather than electricity from the grid, the perfect solution for carbon-neutral motoring. This can be achieved with an intelligent charging solution.

Refuel your car with Solar power - Smarter and Sustainable charging

Where the SMA EV Charger 7.4/22 really stands head and shoulders above the rest, is its intelligent integration with your home solar energy system. It not only prioritises your generated solar energy to charge your vehicle. The SMA Energy System Home uses weather forecasts and learns from your energy usage to create a customised power prediction for when you should charge your vehicle for optimal self-consumption of your solar energy. Making it completely effortless to attain your carbon-neutral motoring goals.

Fast and easy EV charging

Fast and easy EV charging SMA’s EV Charger is highly flexible and compatible with all standard electric or plug-in vehicles thanks to its integrated type 2 charging cable. It offers several charging modes:

  •  Fast charging

  • PV-optimized charging

  • Or forecast-based charging.

Simply choose your individual charging program via the SMA Energy app or using a rotary switch directly on the device.

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What is the EVHS?

The Government is accelerating their efforts to make the UK carbon-neutral by 2050. One of their initiatives is the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) which provides a grant for home charging points up to a cap of £350 (incl VAT). The Government guidance is available here.

How do I qualify for the grant?

Eligibility is pretty simple.

  • You need to have an approved plug-in vehicle – including leased or company cars check the list here on the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) website

  • Off-street dedicated parking

  • Product selection is key, SMA EV Charger is pre-approved by OZEV

  • Use an accredited installer

  • Your installer will deduct the Grant amount from your invoice, they claim the Grant direct from OZEV after installation, you will need to sign the EVHS application form which your installer will provide for you.

Accessing the EVHS grant couldn’t be easier for homeowners. Get in touch with an installer today. Here’s where you can purchase the SMA EV Chargers to get the smartest charging to power your plug-in vehicle from the sun.

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