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Store solar power and use it flexibly

Store solar power and use it flexibly

Avoid load peaks, take advantage of low electricity rates

Whether in small or medium-sized businesses, supermarkets or agricultural facilities, load peaks are a problem for any company. If the power consumption exceeds the quantity agreed upon with the utility company, this can lead to increased provision charges for all the power – often over the entire year. But a highly efficient battery-storage system can help you avoid expensive load peaks by allowing you to store solar power temporarily and use it whenever you need it.

Store solar power and use it flexibly

Use more of the solar energy you generate by embracing battery storage.

Why add battery storage to your commercial solar energy system? Control, optimisation and cost savings for your business.

Storing the excess energy generated by your Photovoltaic (PV) array means the ability to use self-generated power whenever you want.

Every business has a different mix of power requirements:

  • Reduce grid consumption at peak tariffs (time of use)

  •  Increase your consumption of self-generated power

  • Avoid peak charges (Peak Shaving)

  • Implement charging stations


Up to 80% lower energy costs*

Cap load peaks and take advantage of low electricity rates

Increase self-consumption of solar power: the most cost-effective use

Optimised use of time and performance-based energy supply tariffs

Yields of up to 80%

*For implementation of all the energy system's applications.

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PV Modules

optimised for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

Sunny Tripower CORE1

SMA inverter that converts solar power (direct current) into usable alternating current

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Sunny Tripower Storage 60

SMA battery inverter that stores solar power temporarily in the SMA Storage Business battery-storage system and makes it available as required

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SMA Storage Business

a highly efficient solution for storing solar power

SMA Data Manager M (optional)

energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is reponsible for communication and overall system monitoring

Learn more

SMA Monitoring (optional)

enables easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy Systems (via the web portal or new Energy app) e as required

Learn more

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Store solar power and use it flexibly

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