Dixon Poultry Farm – 100kWp

Commercial Solar and Storage– Shropshire, UK, 2020

An industry leading poultry farm in Owestry (Shropshire) is using SMA technology to harness renewable, sustainable energy which will improve its self-sufficiency and reduce operating costs and reliance of fossil fuels.  

Back in 2011 Pullet Farmer Mr Dixon had a 50 kW Solar PV system installed which included 3 Sunny Tripower 15000TL-10 inverters. Impressed with the impact that it had on the farm’s energy costs and self-sufficiency he continued his green journey and installed a water source heat pump. Mr Dixon decided to increase his farm’s solar energy capacity and now adds an SMA Storage System Business to reduce his reliance on the National Grid for energy. Mr Dixon worked with Solar PV Battery Systems to explore the options and opted for an SMA solution, knowing he was investing in quality products since he has benefitteds from solar since 2011 with SMA products. 

The SMA Storage System Business package includes the Sunny Tripower Storage 60 and a 67 kWh Lithium Ion Battery. “With self-consumption being at the heart of the goal of the improved renewable energy generation on site, we’ve seen that  Mr Dixon’s Farm is now consistently using self-generated solar energy through the early hours of the morning, thanks to the battery storage system” says Gareth Jehu, Managing Director of Solar PV Battery Systems. 

“We designed the extension to the existing solar PV system and the addition of the SMA Storage System Business package. Using the sites import data, projected generation and the farms behavioural patterns, great consideration was taken to select the correct size battery inverter and battery capacity. The entire system including the legacy system on site was updated to the latest G99 grid compliance and the legacy system was successfully integrated into the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS giving both Mr Dixon and Gareth state of the art monitoring and control” says Joshua Murphy, application engineer and technical trainer at SMA Solar UK.  

Taking advantage of SMA’s approved G100 export limitation solution, the battery storage system was able to be installed with minimal costs for reinforcement. Without this solution the customer would have faced over £25,000 in addition upgrade costs. This smart energy management system comes free with the SMA Storage System Business and is powered by ennexOS. It will enable Mr Dixon to save money via the peak load shaving functionality when the targeted charging review reforms are introduced in 2022. 

Mr Dixon concludes “I’ve got the SMA app on my phone, and I check it all the time, it’s become my obsession. The solar PV system, battery system and monitoring has exceeded all our expectations”. 

Discover more about the SMA Storage System Business: https://www.sma-uk.com/business/store-solar-power-use-flexibly 

Shropshire, UK

Original 2011, extension July 2020


Extension of existing solar PV system

Integrate geothermal heat pump

Meeting G100 and G99

Merging legacy system to new monitoring portal. 

Installer / Owner
Solar PV Battery System

Nominal power
100 kWp

Storage capacity
67 kWh 

System Technology

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