SMA Large Scale Energy Solution​

Store solar power and use it smartly

Sustainable investing and maximum profit

With the SMA Large Scale Energy Solution​, you can store solar power. This enables you to manage peaks in demand, stabilise grid voltage and reduce energy costs considerably.

Large scale with storage and Black Start capability

With the decommissioning of old power stations, the decarbonisation of electricity production and the transition to renewable energy generation across the UK brings problems around the future control infrastructure and stability of the grid. SMA’s SCS-2900 provides black start capability, a first for battery only energy systems and eliminates the need for non-renewable power source presently a diesel or gas peaking plant. This is a huge game changer proving Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have a key role in the stability of the National Grid. With a 20 millisecond speed of response this will ensure that grid blackouts such as the one in August 2019 that brought the UK to a standstill, will become a thing of the past.


Easy monitoring and control of large-scale PV power plants

Save on generator and diesel costs

High flexibility through extremely fast charging/discharging

The first inverter with Black start capability, supporting the stability of the National Grid

A 50MW BESS plant in Wickham Market, Suffolk and is a rapid response, flexible power facility to deliver essential balancing services such as black start and frequency control to the National Grid and is one of a series of locations that make up a major part of the solution to the problem with the stability in the National Grid due to those recent changes in the industry. 

The Managing Director says “The SCS-2900 is a real work-horse, it’s robust and reliable. The flexibility of the inverter’s topology allows us to work with a range of battery technologies, and this gives us the ability to design and deliver BESS plants in record time. We simply wouldn’t build them with anything else.


Sunny Central Storage 2900 24 x SCS-2900

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Further applications of the SMA Large Scale Energy Solution

Generate solar power and use it effectively

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Grid independence with solar power

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