Commercial PV power plant– Scotland, UK, 2020

Iron Mountain data centre in Livingston – 800kWp

Iron Mountain’s second installation in a long-term plan to roll out solar on their data-centres across the UK following their successful roll out across their sites in the US. They are partnering with Aniron Solar and Eden Sustainable under a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) model. Aniron’s Sesh Diu says “First and foremost our systems aredesignedto beinvestmentgrade, whether it’s a PPA or self-funded, with SMA the ability to oversize DC/AC ratios is a real plus point. We’ve been using SMA products for 10 years and their sales and after sales support is class leading.” PPA allow the solar installation owner to use roof space for PV panels, with the end energy user being the building occupier, which provides them the cost saving and carbon reduction benefitswithoutthecapex costs.


March 2020

Specific requirements
PPA model, Oversized DC/AC ratio

Installer / Owner
Aniron Ltd

End Energy User
Iron Mountain Inc.


Nominal power
255 kW

Annual energy yield
800 kWh/kWp 

CO2 savings
estimated 240 tonnes annually

DC oversizing

System Technology
3x Sunny Highpower PEAK1 (SHP-75) Inverters
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