SMA solutions help a UK manufacturing company move forward on its decarbonisation journey

Somerlap, Wells, 2022, 500 kWp

Manufacturing plants use vast amounts of electricity to carry out their operations, generating a huge carbon footprint and creating costs that cut into their bottom line. Gridimp was invited to help manufacturing company Somerlap with their decarbonisation journey. It firstly involved helping Somerlap to monitor and understand their energy usage. This led to recommendations for decarbonisation measures, including additional PV and battery storage. SMA's products played a key role in the solutions proposed and implemented for Somerlap by Gridimp.


“With Somerlap we saw an opportunity to optimise their energy storage on site, so we used our system to simulate the impact that different sides of the operation would have not only on their usage but also on the flexibility markets they can enter based on their geographical location.”

Richard Ryan, 
Commercial Director, Gridimp

Case study Somerlap by GridImp : a decarbonisation journey


Mark, Somerset, UK

January 2022


Array Size
500 kWp

CO2 savings
17 tons per year

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