Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Ireland, 2020
176 KWP

This installation at Mahon Shopping Centre consists of 952m2 solar PV panels. Generating circa160kWh of energy used to power the public areas of the shopping centre. The solar energy generation significantly contributes to the centre’s very strong commitment to the sustainable use of energy, with other steps such as LED technology, sustainable Farmers’ Market, and 100% green energy for a few examples.

Choosing the Core 1 for this system reduced Solar Electric’s installation time and fully integrated design ensures lower costs and simpler processes. Encompassing the SMA Smart Connected technology delivers proactive monitoring and reduces service time and costs. 


Cork, Ireland

May 2020

Solar Electric

Peak Power
176.08 kWp

Annual energy yield
158.89 MWh

CO2 savings
75 tons per year

Solutions SMA

  •  3 x Sunny Tripower CORE 1 (STP50-40)
  •  SMA Smart Connected


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