SMA case study : Scottich Waters

Scottish Water, Aberdeen, 2021
797 kWp

In 2019, the Scottish government declared a climate emergency and introduced a target for the whole country to become carbon neutral by 2045. Scottish Water strives to find ways to be increasingly sustainable and to support Scotland’s ambitions for renewable energy generation, carbon reduction and environmental performance in order to safeguard Scottish water resources for future generations. True to its mission to keep Scottish people supplied with world class water and care for the natural water environment every minute of every day and in every area of their activities, Scottish Water has gone even further in its ambition than the government, targeting carbon neutrality by 2040. It has also set an interim target to host or generate three times its annual electricity consumption by 2030.


“At Scottish Water, we are committed to transforming the way we operate and invest, and our routemap sets out a journey to net zero emissions by 2040. Our aim is to reduce the amount of energy we consume to deliver our vital water and wastewater services.”

Douglas Millican, 
Chief Executive, Scottish Water

“We chose SMA because of the product pricing, the number of MPP trackers, the monitoring portal and the oversizing potential. We have used SMA for the majority of our installations. The SMA team were a great team and quick to respond. The SMA Sunny Design web portal is straightforward and helpful.” 
Absolute Solar and Wind



Aberdeen, Scotland 

August, 28th 2021

Absolute Solar and Wind

Array Size
797.72 kWp

Annual energy yield
601 MWh

CO2 savings
355 tons per year

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