Grid Connected Power Plant
Wickham Market, Suffolk, United Kingdom

The grid-forming capability of the SCS-2900 eliminates the need for non-renewable energy source (diesel or gas peaking plant) for Black Start capability, a first for battery-only energy systems and a huge game changer in proving BESS plants have a key role in the stability of the National Grid.

With its 20 millisecond speed of response the SCS-2900 will ensure that grid blackouts such as the event that brought the country to a standstill in August 2019 will become a thing of the past.

The entire 50MW plant is crammed into a compound smaller than a football pitch. This is only possible by using SMA’s very powerful and compact inverters and by being creative with the layout of the battery containers, transformers and other elements. Some components have been double-stacked which requires considerable design work and engineering skills.

Additionally the site is limited to an incredibly low noise level due to the sensitive nature of its semi-rural location. Noriker and SMA have worked with specialist noise consultants to design and install housings around the inverters that are capable of reducing the measured noise to <20dBA.

Suffolk, United Kingdom

August 2020

Grid Connection
49.9 MW

70 MVA of inverters

Total Energy
approx 74MWh

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