Enhanced Frequency Response

What is it?

With the change of mix of energy generation, the national grid operator need to continue ensuring a good balance of electricity transmission at any given time. In other words, ensuring that the energy flow remains constant.

One of the solution is the Enhance Frequency Response: The aim of this service is to maintain the system frequency closer to 50 Hz under normal operation.

Speed of response is a key element of  EFR. The assets must be able to deliver at 100% EFR capacity for a minimum of 15 minutes under normal operating conditions. For storage assets, this equates to a minimum power to energy ratio of 2C.

What does EFR has to do with SMA?

EFR is a service to provide frequency response in one second or less.

As a leading provider of storage systems, SMA has the capacity to meet all EFR’s requirements?


Firm Frequency Response

Firm Frequency Response (FFR) is another tool considered by the National Grid. Its purpose is to maintain frequency around 50 Hz.

Frequency Response (FFR) is the firm provision of dynamic or non-dynamic response to changes in frequency.

This service is open to generators connected to the transmission and distribution networks, storage providers and aggregated demand side response.

SMA’S solutions for EFR & FFR

Sunny Central Storage : Inverter for Large-Scale Battery Storage System


  • Available in different sizes from 0.5MW to 2.2 MW

  • Can be grid forming

  • Connects directly into the substation/distribution transformer at the enterprise

  • Includes transformer and switch gear

  • Compatible with different types of battery technologies

  • Containerised system

High availability

  • Availability Guarantees services

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Guaranteed Response

  • And much more!

Ease of deployment

  • Containerised solution

  • Cost Effective transport – ISO standard container

  • Temporaty structure – no planning needed

  • Connecting MV network

  • Takes up 2 car parking spaces

  • Pre wired and tested

Environmental benefits

  • Battery storage inverter / Zero Carbon Emissions

  • No restriction on deployment comprated to a diesel generator (not allowed to be deployed in the city of London)

  • Can also be combined with PV system